February 2020: Steady, Get Set… Pruning

February came and went so fast for me. The first two weeks were spent preparing for my horticulture theory exams, then came the kids’ half-term break, and before I knew it, it was already the end of February. That’s it, gone just like that—all 29 days of February (it’s a leap year this year). And February 29th came with rain and hail.

Plants-wise, the highlight of the month was a new “plant resident” on my windowsill: Pelargonium crispum. It’s a giveaway from my class, a cutting we planted last December and transplanted two months after. This one in the picture below came home with me. I love this Pelargonium crispum as it has a really lovely, lemony scent.

~ Pelargonium crispum, the new “plant resident” on the kitchen windowsill. ~

Towards the end of February, I was eager to try my new pruning skills. I decided that the Solenostemon—after three sets of vigourous leaves—now needed encouragement to grow bushy. So, I bravely cut its two top leaf buds, while intently hoping that its dormant lateral buds would be wakened to branch out.

Outside, my three pots of Hydrangeas have awakened from dormancy, their little leaf buds have started pushing out. I deliberately left the dead blooms on these hydrangeas over winter with the thought that they might be a help, a kind of “bug hotel,” for overwintering beneficial garden bugs. Now, to look spring-ready, deadheading and some pruning were in order.

~ Hydrangea by my front door: vigourous buds unfurling, but it needed deadheading and pruning. ~
~ The two Hydrangeas in the back garden. ~
~ Spring-ready: All tidied up! ~

All in all, I’m quite pleased that I’ve done the little pruning I had to do. I’m now eagerly awaiting the full bloom of spring.

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