Burro’s Tail

Oh, joy! My leaf cuttings of Sedum morganianum, commonly known as Burro’s Tail, have grown. All three leaf cuttings do not anymore just have a little bump at the attachment area, but now have leaves—proper, tiny leaves! It took them about five weeks to go from having just a bump to this stage.

Funny how people name things. Or, plants, in this case. Burro’s Tail. Today, seeing that the leaf cuttings have thrived, I googled to know more about this particular succulent. I learned that this succulent is also called by other common names, among them: Donkey’s Tail, Horse’s Tail, and Lamb’s Tail. It seems people (the ones who have given this succulent its name) are quite agreed that the trailing stems of Sedum morganianum look like some kind of tail; they are just not sure what kind of animal’s tail it is.

Sedum morganianum mature plant grows trailing stems, 30cm or longer, densely packed with globules of fleshy blue-green leaves. The one I took the cuttings from must be a young plant, its unpruned stems not even reaching 10cm yet. I am looking forward to seeing these three plantlets grow. Hopefully in six to eight weeks time, their leaves will have grown more substantial and I can already transfer them to their own pots. For now, all that’s needed—aside from ensuring they don’t dry out—is to be patient.

3 thoughts on “Burro’s Tail

  1. One of my favourites! I’ve never tried leaf propagation on it before. I gave mine to mum for Mother’s Day – maybe I’ll go nick a leaf or two back. And, yeah, it’s definitely some sort of tail 🤔😂


    1. Hi abbeyj23, thanks for following my blog. Burro’s tail is one of my favourites, too. I found its leaf cuttings slower to take, compared to the jelly bean ones… Need an extra dose of patience. But now here they are. :) I wish you the best in your plan to nick some leaves from your mum’s. :D Happy growing! :)

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