My First Succulent

~ Echeveria agavoides: a perfect plant for an amateur gardener. ~

This Echeveria agavoides is my first ever succulent. I bought this a puny-looking plant in a little plastic pot in Wilko, among the last ones left. At the time, it measured barely 2.5 inches across. I didn’t know anything about growing succulents, but I looked at its rosette leaf formation and I thought, “What a beautiful plant!”

Now it has more than doubled its size, filling a 6-inch soup bowl that has been its pot for the last year. It’s been the perfect little plant for an amateur gardener like me. It just sat there on my sunny kitchen windowsill and grew. For almost two years now, all it needed from me was a little bit of watering. Also, every week I rotated its pot to make sure every “side” gets to have some sun, to encourage it to grow without tilting to one side in search of light.

~ Echeveria agavoides in its beautiful rosette pattern. ~

I tried propagating it from some leaf cuttings, but I haven’t had any success yet. I need to learn more about how to do it the right way. But for now, it sits alone — rather proudly and queenly — as the only Echeveria agavoides on my windowsill.

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